September Updates

2017-09-14 06:06:35

Hey guys!


So, it’s officially been a full month since I haven’t been on cam. I do miss socializing with you guys, but the break has been good. I’m nearly caught up with offline work that I had been skimping on because I was too busy trying to keep up with camming, patreon, etc.


I’m anxious to return to cam, but my dad is not having an easy time finding a home within his budget and specifications down here. He’s military, and the VA is pretty picky on what they’ll loan money for (the house pretty much has to be in perfect condition). So for now, I will be continuing on with being a full time content girl, and all your support is appreciated.


If you’re broke, but still want to support me, there’s a few ways you can do that.


1.) - Starts at $1

This site is for my cosplay. I post sexy photosets and videos of my cosplay. Different tiers have different rewards, but it’s a minimum of $1/month to join. That’s a really cheap price to know that you’re funding and helping me out!


2.) - Starts at $1

This is my completely safe for work patreon. By pledging to this one, you are supporting my artwork and youtube channel. The latest blog post on there explains why it has to do with youtube. Again, it starts at $1/month to join!


3.) - FREE

This option is completely FREE except for your time! You watching and liking my videos and subscribing to my channel helps me out because it translates to new viewers = possible income.


Also, if you havent seen, i'm doing a multi girl snapchat event! You can add us on twitter and snapchat @FapcakeEvents. You can also purchase access right here on

I want to start using my blog more for members only. I will have a few public posts’ like this one, but i want to do some exclusive ones for you guys in the future.


Just wanted to give a little update!