Editing Services

Please total together each section to find your cost of editing. There may be some things that cause variations, so if you feel that you have a particularly complicated project, please dm me on twitter or email me (alohacupcakemfc@gmail.com)!


example: A + B + C = total cost


(please use this to price EACH video you have! bundle discounts are listed at the end)



    —>10 mins or less: $5

    —>11-30 mins: $10

    —>30-60 mins: $20

    —>60+: $20+$1 per minute after 60 mins (example: a 70 min vid would be $30)



    —>Will you need audio correction? (hum/background removal etc)

            yes: $10 for 30 mins or less, $30 for 30 mins or more

            no: $0

    —>Will I need to find you music?

            yes: $5

            no: $0

    —>Do I need to add your logo? (only for premade logos, i do not make them for you)

            yes: $1

            no: $0

    —>Will it need lighting/color correction?

            yes: $2 per 5 mins of unedited footage

            no: $0

    —>Do you need multiple formats or something other than MP4?

            yes: $1 per format

            MP4: $0

    —>Pick which “style” of editing you want for your project

            Artsy, lots of cutaways, filters, seaways, etc: $2 per minute of what you want final project length to be (ex: 10 mins = $20)

            Simple adding logo, music, removing unnecessary bits: $0 additional



    —> 1 video: just total A+B together

    —> 1-5 videos: total A+B together then take 20% off as a bulk discount

    —> 5+ videos: total A+B together then take 40% off as a bulk discount


Final format will be sent as an .MP4 by default.


If you have questions about things you want for your video, but I haven’t listed it, feel free to email me and i’ll let you know if its something I am capable of doing or not!


Please note, my prices are super cheap right now to get more experience under my belt! If you need super complicated editing, I may not be the right gal for you, but don’t hesitate to email me and see if I can do what you’re looking for!


Payments can be made using the "tip" option on my site.

Please send your unedited video clips via dropbox or google drive.